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Wizz Air Brand Refresh

Wizz Air Brand Refresh

Branding, Research

Project Brief

During my internship at FutureBrand I was part of the design team working on a brand refresh for the European airline ‘Wizz Air’. 


My roles within the team were to create mock-ups and graphics of design ideas and proposals, support and discuss branding directions and develop the ‘Hometown’ branding initiative.

The Wizz 'Hometown' Branding Initiative

The ‘Hometown’ branding initiative was developed to create an additional buzz and excitement around Wizz Air’s new visual look. It focused on celebrating the three countries where the airline was initially based, Hungary, Poland and Romania. The initiative featured location specific advertisements and limited edition aircraft liveries. 

I was tasked with developing the ‘Hometown’ branding element, proposing a variety of country aircraft livery designs and advertising campaign mock ups. The entire brand refresh proposal was then presented to the Wizz Air board and developed into a gradual re-brand project.