Calum Harbison Design Portfolio

Triplemelt Branding


Branding, Web design

Project Brief

I was tasked with creating the branding for a lifestyle blog and Youtube Channel named 'Triplemelt'. The blog was created by three writers, Ali HarrisAshling McCloy and Robyn Upton. They publish articles and vlogs that cover things ranging from female fashion to travel. I had a style guide brief - which explained the colour palette and the look Triplemelt should follow. 


I created a brand that was contemporarily elegant, attracting the appropriately aged female audience while remaining digitally relevant.

The brand icon encompasses the brand name in one simple marque. Portraying a 3 (triple) by flipping the 'm' of melt on to it's side. It's a unique visual element that stands out when placed in it's usual view, as a social media widget.