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The Compton Cowboys

This latest Guinness Ad titled ‘Made of More’ is a beautifully shot, cinematic look into a group of men who care for horses in LA. The spot follows on from previous Guinness adverts like, Sapeurs, telling their unique stories and rounding off the day with pints of the black stuff.

Guinness document the poetic tale of The Compton Cowboys, with a focus on the main character Keenan Abercrombie. Keenan and the other cowboys rescue and care for horses that would otherwise be headed for the slaughterhouse. They ride them around LA, to the awe and bewilderment of passers by and gangsters.

While Compton is known for its gang culture, when it was formed in 1888 there was a ruling that a portion of the area remains agricultural. Richlands Farm is the result of this, an area in the middle of LA with around 50 small ranches.

In a longer version of the advert – the cowboys go into more detail of how they became inner city horse riders and how their outlook on life has changed due to this.

The latest ad in the Guinness ‘Made of More’ campaign is a cinematic look at a group of men who care for horses in inner city LA.

The Guinness spot follows a recent photographic project by Cian Oba-Smith, titled ‘Concrete Horseman’, which also tracks the long tradition of black horsemanship in the United States.

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