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Get Your Icelandair Buddy

Increasingly, holidaymakers are looking beyond the approach of the package holiday and towards more experiential travel offerings. Obviously still a convenient option for some, a lust for something more adventurous, and immersive has emerged as a legitimate rival to all-inclusive holidays.

In light of this, Icelandair - the main airline in Iceland – has introduced a Stopover Buddy Service. Customers flying from America to Europe can stopover in Reykjavik for up to 7 nights free of charge. There, they will buddy up with an employee who, in theory at least, will be able to offer up a more genuine experience of Iceland. Each buddy will specialise in an area, such as food, adventure, lifestyle or culture alongside many others.

In what can be interpreted as a mark of dedication to the service, CEO of Icelandair, Birkir Holm Gudnason, is featured in the official advert, indicating that despite his position he is also taking part in the newly introduced service.

As well as creating experiences for their customers, the Stopover Buddy Service is helping the airline present a more human side, which in the long term could help it steal a march on its competitors.

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