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Beauty Below Ground

A couple of years ago, the Canadian-based photographer, Forsyth, started to look at subways differently than most rush-hour commuters; and since then he hasn’t looked back. His mild obsession of seeing underground structures and vehicles as a kind of beauty developed into a photo series of metro stations all over the world.

Forsyth explains; “Over time I began to notice how beautiful certain stations really are and I would try to frame the scenes in my head,” he says. “The photos I had already envisioned worked out just as planned giving me a lot of motivation to continue finding more and more images.”

His photography project took him across the world in search of interesting subway networks. “From the hand painted cave-like stations in Stockholm, to the bright, open, and modern platforms of Munich’s U-Bahn,” Forsyth has documented his favorites.

The photographed stations are presented not in their usual state, of being vessels for bustling crowds to enter trains, but instead are completely devoid of human beings that could distract and blur the impactful images.

“I want the focus to be on the architecture and design in these spaces”

The images created are of an idealized, highly stylized underground world that is considerably removed from that of most commuters. Forsyth’s photos portray a feeling that public transport, a symbol of the monotonous daily grind for many, can in fact be a thing of beauty.

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