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Seaside Murals

While riding his paddleboard, the artist Sean Yoro, also known as Hula, paints lifelike murals just above the sea level water line. While floating on waves, Hula creates portraits that have an amazing photo realistic quality, which due to their positioning just above the water, reflect perfectly in the waves below; extending the image further than the simple painted surface.

The New York City based artist paddles out to secluded waterside locations to paint his murals, balancing his supplies and tools on his board. Hula is a native of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where he spent most of his youth in the ocean. While growing up he experimented in graffiti and tattoo art, however, didn’t take his work seriously until he started painting the human body.

Hula also uses other mediums such as cracked surfboards to paint his portraits; these can be seen on his Instagram, @the_hula.

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