Calum Harbison Design Portfolio


Welcome to the new C93 blog

If you're reading this you have unwittingly stumbled upon my new personal design blog. My name's Calum Harbison and I'm a forth year Graphic Design student at the University of Leeds. I've just finished a year out interning in the design industry, gaining as much experience as possible before I graduate next year and enter the big bad world of design for good. I've been lucky enough to work for some great designers and agencies, both in my home city of London and across the pond in New York. Anyway, that's enough about me; what about this blog I hear you ask.

The C93 blog will feature a weekly post about something that has inspired me, made me smile or simply caught my eye. Plus, every Friday a 'Fact Friday' post will be uploaded; these posts will reveal an interesting fact that, I guarantee, will teach you something new every week. 

I also currently write for the popular blog of Rafael Esquer's Alfalfa Studio. So look out for my regular posts here as well.

So, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and it in turn inspires you!