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I've been following the Youtuber and Video creator Ben Brown (or as his Youtube alias dictates 'Mr Ben Brown') for a while now. I find his video content and editing are fantastically entertaining and are based on a personal love of mine, travelling.

His talent as a video editor has taken him on projects around the world. Most recently, Ben traveled to each of the planet's seas, recording and photographing Lewis Pugh - an ocean advocate, who was attempting to swim each of the worlds seven seas. The project, titled Seven Swims Seven Seas, aimed to highlight the urgent need for more Marine Protection Areas.

However, it was Ben's most recent upload that caught my attention. His Visual Vibes video series is basically a collection of visual clips that document Ben's travels; it's a hugely enjoyable way to watch someone travelling the world and is inspiring me to plan my own adventures. The current Canada upload is shown above, it's definitely worth a watch.

Keep up the great work Ben!

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