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M&S Packaging Brief

Marks & Spencer Packaging

Live Brief, Packaging

Project Brief

This was a live brief from the Marks & Spencer packaging design team, tasking Leeds University Design students to create packaging and an identity for a given food and theme combination. I received the theme of 'Farmers' Market' and the product of 'Chocolate bar' giving me the combination of a Farmers’ Market Chocolate Bar.


After visiting several farmers markets, I gathered many insights in regards to materials and typefaces used. The sacks used to transport many farmed vegetable and fruit produce to market uses the same Hessian cloth material as the sacks used to transport cocoa beans from producers. An interesting link between theme and product. Furthermore, there seemed to be an extensive use of chalkboard signs around many of the markets I visited. Although the signs varied in typographic style, it remains a constant visual characteristic of farmers’ markets.

I used these research insights heavily in my design process. Hessian cloth and a chalk board inspired label feature as the base of the packaging.

This packaging design was chosen to be presented to the Marks & Spencer packaging team.