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Merlin Entertainment - Tall Tales Poster Illustrations

Merlin Entertainment - Tall Tales Poster Illustrations

Illustration, Poster

Project Brief

While working for Bow & Arrow, I was tasked with illustrating an advertising campaign for the Merlin Entertainment Group’s Eye Tales initiative. ‘Eye Tales’ is a program whereby young children are encouraged to visit the attractions, where they are read stories during the ride or at a viewpoint depending on the location.  The brief was quite restrictive – with a set illustration style that I had to create using the client’s own mood-boards. Also it was a pre-requisite that each poster should be assigned an animal. For the two posters created this was a donkey for Brighton and a cat for London.

A really surreal moment when you are illustrating a donkey in clouds reading to children on a Tuesday morning in the office!


I created an illustration style that would satisfy the client's style preference, alongside coming up with an interesting poster campaign concept that could be striking but also flexible enough to work for each of the global Eye attractions.

All work was completed while I was working for Bow & Arrow

tall tales 01.jpg