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TEDx Houses of Parliament Event Branding


TEDx Houses of Parliament Branding

Giving London it’s voice

Event branding

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The Challenge

While working at Radley Yeldar I was part of the design team working on the branding for the 2014 TEDx Houses of Parliament event. I contributed heavily to the initial design thinking stage.

The brief was to create a distinctive identity that reflected the essence of the event as a festival of speakers along the 2014 theme of 'Representation and Democracy'. It was requested by the client to reference the existing logo – a silhouette of the Houses of Parliament.

work completed at Radley Yeldar and photos are property of Radley Yeldar.

Final Event Logo

Final Event Logo

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Response + Visual Identity

The final concept took the form of the ‘Voice of London’, This distinctive identity  uses sound wave graphics to depict the famous London skyline.

Simple and direct, the identity is representative of the event and has a unique flexibility that lends itself to a multitude of applications.