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Colour Group UK

Colour Group UK Branding

Branding, Logo Design

Project Brief

My response to a brief set by the Colour Group Uk - to create a Logo for the potential rebrand of the organisation. 

The Colour Group is a membership organisation that experiments and produces reports on the study of colour. They also organise various conferences throughout the year to promote the work of distinguished colour scientists, and allow for interaction and collaboration between theorists.


I chose to focus my idea around the theory of the additive and subtractive colour systems. Using the relevant colours I then constructed a shape that shadowed the overlapping shades of these systems.

This allowed me to segregate the colour group into two easily identifiable divisions; Colour Group UK Print - using the subtractive colour system - and Colour Group UK Digital - using the additive colour system. By dividing the group into two smaller divisions, it would create a more focused approach to the brand in both its online presence and promotional literature. 

The structure of the two division logos mirror each other, therefore producing a cohesive identity for the Colour Group.