Calum Harbison Design Portfolio

Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton Publication

Typography, Icon Design, Infographics

Project Brief

Whilst interning at Alfalfa Studio New York, I was part of a bespoke design team that created a publication for Booz Allen Hamilton, entitled The Field Guide to Data Science.

Booz Allen Hamilton created The Field Guide to Data Science in order to help organisations understand the DNA of Data Science, showing them how to make use of data as a resource. The text spells out what Data Science is and why it matters. 

The purpose of the Field Guide to Data Science is to showcase Booz Allen Hamilton’s leadership in Data Analytics. The printed publication is provided to senior level clients to promote the firm’s Data Science proficiency, and distributed digitally to clients, practitioners and other members of the professional community.


I was given full responsibility of designing all of the publications' icons and a selection of info-graphics.

Working alongside seasoned editorial freelancers to a tight deadline allowed me to fine tune my InDesign skills and was a lesson in producing quality detailed work under pressure. 

All work was completed under the art direction of Rafael Esquer while I was working for Alfalfa Studio NYC.



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