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Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy Book Design

Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy Book Design

Illustration, Editorial Design, Freelance

Project Brief

This was a freelance project that I received from my contacts at Huddle Creative. The agency was creating a studio publication called a Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy, aimed at giving Marketers and Brand managers tips and advice for creative growth. I was tasked with creating the style for the publication and a supplementary poster. 


My concept for the book was that it would be styled like a playbook, with rough sketches and hand drawn elements throughout its design; portraying the feeling of learning and note taking while reading the advice pages. This was shown through the individual chapter illustrations (all 97 and a half!), which I personalised for each chapter, reflecting its subject.

The colour scheme was based on the galaxy/space theme of the title and the turquoise blue of Huddle’s own branding.